Semi-frameless glass pool fences offer lavish and stylish glass pool designs without sacrificing safety and natural view of surroundings. Little to no maintenance is required for Semi-frameless glass pool fencing, yet enhances the aesthetic beauty of your pool. Semi-frameless glass pool fences come with numerous options. Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is a multipurpose pool fencing solution that is easy to install and can be set directly onto concrete limestone or cemented surface. Unlike most of the fencers in the market that are unacquainted with the pool fencing legislation comprehensively, Glass Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast stand out with years of experience as well as up-to-date knowledge about the rules/regulation. Moreover, this unawareness and lack of knowledge can lead to big problems in receiving your Pool Safety Certificate. Professionals at Glass Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast are experts in this legislation ensuring that glass pool fencing installation and repairs will be according to legislative standards.

Stylish Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

At Glass Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast we only use standard material and hardware. The glass employed is 12mm thick and according to standards. Hardware used to hold the glass in place is either powder coated or aluminium posts. These posts are of high strength having corrosion resistant properties and are going to preserve structural integrity and durability of your pool fence for many years. Glass Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast provides you best semi-frameless glass pool fencing solutions that come with benefits of experience, reliability, and satisfaction.

Benefits of Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Safe and secure: Semi-frameless glass pool fencing ensures the safety of your family and friends with sacrificing the natural view of your backyard and aesthetic beauty of your pool.

Charisma: Semi-frameless glass pool fences are advanced, yet simple in design making them aesthetically more appealing than other pool fences.

Unobstructed views and space: With semi-frameless glass pool fencing you will have a clear view of your surroundings in the backyard. A pool area or your garden will feel more open.

Effortless maintenance: A semi-frameless glass pool fence is easy to maintain because it is immune to rusting and can withstand tough weather. 

Strength and durability: Semi-frameless glass pool fences have unmatched durability and strength making them impossible to break unless intense force is applied. 

Decor options: Semi-frameless glass pool fencing offers a different decor option. Since glass is transparent any kind of designing of the pool will merge well with fencing.

Through our experience and network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers, Glass Pool Fencing Sunshine Coast can facilitate you select the best design and products to meet your pool fencing needs.  You can depend on us in achieving your dream pool fencing. Our customer service team is always here to answer your concerns and lend their expertise. Call us today to get a free quote.

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